Visa to Kazakhstan

For entry to the Republic of Kazakhstan, most foreign citizens will need a Kazakh entry visa. Visas to Kazakhstan are formalized at Kazakh consulates all over the world and are granted based on a written request in accordance with the law. The exhibition organizers will send you the required invitation.

Visa permission for citizens from a number of states is formalized at the RK MFA. This is a paid service and we’ll bill you additionally for these services.

What is a visa?

A Visa to Kazakhstan is official permission to enter the Republic of Kazakhstan and transit through its territory. The Visa is granted by the Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country where you live.

A Visa to Kazakhstan requires the following information: surname, name, date of birth, gender, citizenship, passport number and series, passport issue date, date of visa issue, duration of stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan, invitation number, purpose of visit, name of inviting organisation and visa type.

Visa types

Visas can be single, double or multiple. A single visa only permits entry once into the Republic of Kazakhstan.  A double visa permits entry to the Republic of Kazakhstan twice. A multiple visa permits you to enter and leave more than twice.

Please bear in mind that “visa” and “invitation” are different things. You must receive an official invitation in order to get a visa.

Procedure of getting a visa to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Countries citizens who have a simplified procedure of getting visa to Kazakhstan

Visa support

The exhibition organisers will assist in visa support in accordance with Kazakhstan laws.

The countries which need visa support are listed here. Please familiarise yourself with this information and send the necessary data to us in time in order to formalise your visa to Kazakhstan quickly.

We will send invitations (in Kazakh and English) to exhibitors from countries for which there is a simplified form of visa application. Using this invitation you can immediately contact the Kazakh Embassy in your country.

Exhibitors from a number of countries need to formalise a special invitation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To manage this process we use a specialised organisation, this is a paid service. The price is 9000 tenge or 49 euro. The cost of services required will be billed to you additionally.

On arrival to Kazakhstan, foreign citizens must register with the border police if staying in Kazakhstan for more than 4 days. The citizens of some countries can be registered on arrival at Astana airport. The list of these countries is here. Other citizens will be assisted in registering at border police bodies. This is a paid service and costs 25 USD.

The representative of the special organisation will take your passport and migratory cards on the day of your arrival or on the first day of the exhibition. The next day your documents will be returned to you with the note of registration.

To register at hotels on your arrival, you will need to submit your passport and immigration cards. After registration, all documents will be returned to you.

To formalise invitations you must fill in and send Form 10 and a scanned copy of your passport. Be sure that your passport is valid for the entire period of your visit to Kazakhstan.

We are always pleased to answer any of your questions regarding visa support and to make your stay in Kazakhstan as comfortable as possible. 

Visa support (Form 10)