Kazakhstan President signs Law 'On the State Educational Accumulative System'

14th January 2013

The head of state signed the Law of Kazakhstan "On the State Educational Accumulative System," Akorda reports.

The law "On the State Educational Accumulative System" is directed on providing available instruments for education means accumulation and financing of educational services, education level increase.

Besides, Nazarbayev signed the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On modification and additions in some acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning the State educational accumulative system", directed on definition of legal bases of the State educational accumulative system functioning.

Remind that, the essence of GONS consists in the following: the parent (depositor) opens to the child (investor) an educational accumulative contribution (deposit) in the bank of the second level. The size of an initial contribution makes 3 MRP. The size of the subsequent contributions, and also their frequency are determined by a depositor.

Source: www.bnews.kz 
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