Kazakhstan is a key emerging market for the education industry and has become a target market in 2013 for many companies.  There is currently no other event servicing this massive growth sector so by exhibition at WORLDDIDAC Astana you will be ideally positioned to take advantage of the interest in educational supplies and  product developments of our audience.


Over the past 15 years, Kazakhstan has seen remarkable socio-economic changes. Since 1993, it has attracted $120 billion of direct investment and some of the world’s most successful companies have started operating in the region. 

Architecture and construction has also boomed and Astana is a perfect example of this vivid change. Some of the world’s best architects have brought their contributions to the capital and have helped make it a young, modern and vibrant city.

Another important factor is the country’s 2020 Strategic Development Plan which includes the adaptation of the education system to the new socio-economic environment. The State Program of Education includes a transfer to the 12 year education model, construction of schools and kindergartens, modernization of vocational and technical education, e-learning education projects and professional development systems for teachers.


  • 522 new schools planned to be built in the next 5 years
  • Almost $1 billion allocated to electronic education, with a pilot project being rolled out  in 44 education facilities in 2011
  • $7.75 billion allocated to education for 2012-2014 with $2.5 billion to be spent in 2012
  • 620,000 students in higher education and universities
  • $4 million has been budgeted for the improvement of material and technical base of four higher education institutions